Department of Education

    The College is a place where the intellectual stimulating environment with open ended and free flow of academic and professional enquiry , Co-curricular and extracurricular activties exists for overall personality development of the individuals. At Department of Education, Liberal College Indore, we have been transforming the education system to meet the emerging the challenges of access, equity and quality. The object is to produce highly skilled and knowledgeable human capital and meet the societal requisite environment for imparting broad-based and holistic education sciences and humanities.

    The College has shown excellent results over the years. The college management leaves no stone unturned in providing the requisite facilities and its because of their dedication and belongingness towards the cause of education that the college have achieved marvelous success. The college serves as a Beacon-Light in this frontier district. The college provides the quality education.  The cordial relations between the management and the staff have provided a congenial environment, which is so conductive for an academic excellence.