Future Prospects

    Future Prospects of Law

    • Law Firms: In metropolitan cities law firms employ a number of lawyers at junior and senior levels who may be linked to departments specializing in a particulars branch of law.

    • Corporate World: The lawyers are steadily making it to the top in the corporate world as their advice provides the company a hassle free legal environment.

    • Academician: The law degree can also opt for teaching as their profession which also provide an opportunity for further research and analysis work in the field of legal affairs.

    • Legal Consultant: If not move to practice in Court are may the job of consultant. 

      The Law graduate can explore the following “ Job Areas”:

    • Private Practice: Usually a young law graduate joins a senior lawyers as an assistant in his practice. As an assistance or junior lawyer once gets stipends. Once you are competent it this area then on the basis of gained experiences you can stand your own practice.

    • Government PSU: Entry into state or defense judicial Service is through a competitive selection process consisting of written tests and/ or interviews public sector undertakings offer openings for legal officers. Promotion in these services tends to be time bound.

    • Legal Counsel : Companies and government bodies may hire private legal practitioners as their counsel on payment of a retainer ship fee. The lawyer continued private practice extending counsel according to the refraining company’s legal needs.