Principal’s Message

    Law as a subject of study has assumed seminal importance of late due to its role as a catalyst of social change, modulated by economic development, technological thrust, political empowerment and gender justice. It has a pervading effect on almost every human activity, be it a fiscal policy or the planning development of the state; individual rights or collective rights of the people, or such matters like investment, enterprise, amalgamation, representation, accountability or transparency in private or public life. It is in a way a barometer of assessing the health and hygiene of the state and becomes a determining factor to elevate the status of a country in the comity of Nations in the contemporary world.

    The legal education in the changing scenario has to keep pace with the fast development of every sphere of human activity and cannot resile from its pivotal role of shaping the world, not only for the present but the future as well. It calls for an overall change in the content and context of what ought to be imparted in the form of legal education, professional training, and para-legal guidance.The legal education in India at present is at the thrush-hold of a paradigm shift and changes of far-reaching importance are being undertaken at the national level in the form of New Legal Educational Initiative, which shall pave way for international standards of legal education based on competitiveness , transformation , transparency and economic viability.

    The Department of Law has gone a long way to become the premier legal education institution of the State and contributed a host of legislators, jurists, administrators, lawyers, and counsellors etc. which are directly or indirectly involved in running the affairs of the state. It has been regularly updating the prescribed syllabus, including introduction of new subjects of current relevance to keep pace with challenges of modern era.

    According to the latest directive by the Bar Council of India and the Ministry of HRD, legal education has to be compatible with the changing scenario. It requires not only a systematic change and revision of the curriculum, but more importantly provision for building the appropriate infrastructure commensurate with global competitiveness, due to the adoption of General Agreement on Trade and Services by India under the WTO regime.

    For achieving this objective we have to ensure that not only quality education is imparted through our institutions but the highest standards of legal education are maintained without any compromise whatsoever. Let us resolve to reaffirm our commitment to bring out the best of lawyers, jurists, legal experts, counsellors, adjudicators, arbiters, academics etc. of par excellence. We assure that every effort shall be made to achieve the said goal of excellence, distinction and merit to shape the present and future of our nation-builders.

    I wish you all the Best…………………….