Liberal College, Rau Indore is a premier educational institute of Indore. It was established in 2009 as an intermediate co-education college in Rau Indore. Under the able guidance of various educationists it has flourished and distinguished itself as one of the leading higher educational institutions of the state. Since its establishment, it has produced a large human resource that has been serving in and outside the state in various capacities.

The mission of the institute is:

  • To provide opportunities for educational, vocational, professional, social, linguistic and cultural development to the people of all abilities and backgrounds so that they can discover their potential and fulfill their aspirations.
  • To promote morality and sobriety of life.
  • To develop multidimensional personality of the student by providing an opportunity to participate in religious, cultural, co-curricular, theatrical, literary and sports activities.
  • To value originality and vision, encourage initiative and promote creativity.
  • To instill a sense of pride and achievement of personal accomplishment.
  • To promote creativity and value originality.
  • To work in the direction of achieving autonomy with respect to course selection, evaluation and   administration.
  • To keep the academic and the non-academic faculty abreast with the changing trends vis-a-vis professional expertise.
Vipin Rathore ( Director )

We are one of the leading groups engaged in various social and commercial activities ranging education, charity and business also. We want to give our students the best that followed stringent quality procedures to help us to deliver the course in a very effective manner.