Department of Zoology

Department of Zoology, Liberal College, Indore, M. P.

Scope of Zoology

Job oriented projects being handled by the U.G. & P.G. students like Sericulture, Dairy Industry, Pathology, Hospitals, Environmental Toxicology, Limnology, Ichthyology, Entomology, Immunology etc.


Courses Eligibility
M. Sc. Zoology Graduation in Science .

“Academic Highlights”

  • Department of Higher Education, Govt. of M.P. Semester wise syllabus for Post-Graduates as recommended by Central Board of Studies & approved by Higher Education the Governor of M.P. and Devi Ahilya University Indore
  • Theory , CCE, Practicals & projects conducted on regular basis as per UGC norms.
  • Regular Pre-University Test for theory & practicals being conducted separately semesterwise.
  • Collection of material as per syllabus for study purpose.
  • Surprise test also in practice.

Attractions of Zoology Department

  • Well- equipped, air–conditioned & established laboratories for U.G., P.G. & research work. Our U.G. practical lab is the biggest lab in M.P.
  • Rich Library with sufficient reference books & adequate research journals.
  • Library for students of weaker sections.
  • Well developed & maintained Museum enriched with rare animals & adequate Specimens , Models, Charts, Articulated Skeleton. This museum is named after the renowned ornithologist, Dr. Salim Ali
  • Annual Parents –Teachers- Students meet for P.G. students being regularly organised

Extension Programs

Seminars, workshops, guest lectures being organized for students from time to time. Arrangement of excursions cum educational tours for P.G. students from time to time.